IT Consultancy

Why rely on second rate information and solutions when it comes to your IT when you can come to expert consultants who will provide the best outcomes for you.

White Light IT have over 10 years’ experience in the IT industry. By witnessing the ever-increasing changes in technologies, software and hardware we are confident that we’ll deliver a solution that is best for you.

No matter how big or small the project, whether that’s for individual use or a large-scale company, we can supply all the necessary equipment, advice, guidance and maintenance that will propel your IT forward for a better future.

Whether you’re looking for network design, specification, procurement, installation and configuration, we have all the tools and insider industry knowledge to present you with a high-quality solution. In the first instance when setting up a new development we can assist with first server solutions for start-ups and small businesses, wireless network supply, as well as Exchange Server to Office 365 email migration. We can also provide physical virtual migration and hyper-converged replicated server solutions for enterprises and franchises. Plus you can call on us to partially or fully manage your IT department with our full range of services, and in case of emergency supply disaster recovery if your entire infrastructure is accidentally wiped.

We provide the complete package

It Consultancy

Flexible Solutions

We pride ourselves on planning and delivering successful IT projects across for board for our clients in the UK and internationally. As experienced consultants customers praise our efficiency, knowledge and effortless way to overcome challenges without the hassle. White Light IT present a comprehensive package featuring infrastructure upgrades or automated deployment of new software applications.

Our robust system allows us the opportunity to manage multiple sites with a virtualisation project or the migration of different systems to support your latest requests. All of this is completed to suit your budget and we can provide a number of packages that complement your needs. This can be achieved on a pay as you go hourly basis, or as a contracted service where you will have a dedicated team member who will support you.

Enquire today to find out how our consultancy team can assist your IT systems.

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