An IT Team who understands your IT System inside out

As our lives move further online, there comes a time though when IT doesn’t function as it should, emails don’t integrate fully between devices, servers fail to work and in the worst-case scenario, you need disaster recovering because your entire computer has been wiped clear. Sound familiar? 

White Light IT provide a comprehensive range of services that answer all these needs and are here to support you at your time of despair. The options are plentiful dependant on your requirements and budgets. From basic support to full recovery planning we can put together the best package available.

We provide an all-encompassing solution to outsourcing your IT requirements. This highly efficient and effective option allows you to hand over the hassle and challenges of daily service desk queries to a professional team who are dedicated to sorting an issue with speed and success.

Our gold standard level of service features a remote support team who are devoted to you and understands your IT system inside out. This provides support channels for any queries you may have along with pro-active monitoring where we can access your computer (with your permission) from a mobile location to access the problem. Finally, depending on how robust you want your system to be, White Light IT can enforce disaster recovery if your entire system and all its vital documents is wiped.

We provide the complete package

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Flexible Solutions

On top of this we also supply unlimited phone, ticket and email support from our full-service help desk. Provide remote control software for all devices which includes back-up monitoring and the ability to manage Windows updates and anti-virus software. And to have complete confidence in our service we also provide level agreements for rapid response times so that you don’t get left in the dark and left behind if something goes wrong. 

The options for our IT Support solutions are entirely flexible based on your circumstances. If you don’t feel ready to commit yourself to a full plan, you can pay as you go. These are based on an hourly rate which will be confirmed from the very start, and this includes all our integrated support services across the board.

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