As technology improves and the demands for high-speed networks are increasing, perhaps it’s time to invest in a new network design. The thought of updating your system may be daunting, but we guarantee that it’ll be a decision that will not only increase the speed of your IT system but also the productivity of your working day. 

White Light IT will visit your establishment or place of work and discuss your requirements, budgets and timeframe. This can vary from single access points to large-scale, multiple SSID networks. Once we have fully agreed on how we plan to implement the new system we will then carry out full design, configuration and installation services.

We understand that the lack of network services when fitting the new system can cause some disruption, that’s why we are happy to complete the works at a time that works best for you and ensure that everything is running smoothly ready for your return.

The sophisticated system will also allow you to keep track and control access for authorised users who are connected to your network and provide real-time traffic monitoring which can keep an eye on business-wide activity. Plus there are advanced options for guest portals for those who only need a one-time access pass, as well as wireless roaming across schools, offices or factories and long range, outdoor point-to-point links.

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Improving your network systems

Our expert and knowledgeable team who have over a decade of experience in the industry take the time to research the best devices on the market and which one is most suited for you. By investing in a new and improved network, we ensure that your entire IT infrastructure is designed to utilise the latest high-speed technologies and accommodate for future business growth. We can also supply additional services to provide a fully comprehensive package that includes Office 365 set up, hosting, web design and IT support. 

By improving your network systems, servers and wi-fi, you’ll notice just how beneficial the investment was. No more waiting around for slow connectivity, your new high-speed and highly efficient solution will be a step in the right direction.

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